Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair service

Are your dishes still dirty even after every cleaning? Your dishwasher needs repair!

Sitting back and enjoying while your dishing being washed in a dishwasher is a real convenience. But your kitchen turns into a mess as soon as your dishwasher stops working due to any cause. Piles of dirty dishes really spin your head and you panic to find someone on an immediate basis. Same Day appliance service is what you are looking for! Our experts know how to find out the cause of the problem and fix it quickly without creating a mess.

The dishwasher repair is to be done as soon as it shows any error while working. The belt of the dishwasher may be worn out and need to be replaced, thermostat needs replacement etc. No matter what the issue, we know how to detect it exactly and fix it without wasting a single minute. We try to reach your place as soon as possible and bring back your kitchen in shape by repairing your dishwasher soon. Our technical staff not only tries their best to satisfy the customers with the quality services but also with the courteous dealing.

Call us immediately if

  •    Dishes remain dirty after the cycle of cleaning is over.
  •    Wash cycle takes longer than the usual time.
  •    Dishwasher leaking soapy water.
  •    The dishwasher doesn’t pump out water after the cycle of cleaning is over.
  •    The dishwasher is unable to be power on.

We replace the following parts of your dishwasher if required:

  •    Thermostats
  •    Timers
  •    Gaskets
  •    Pump assemblies
  •    Wash and drain impellers
  •    switches
  •    Motors
  •    Solenoids

Why choosing Same Day is a smart choice?

We operate in Fort Lauderdale and nearby places like Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Davie, and Boca Raton.  We don’t leave until your place until you are not fully satisfied. We provide excellent follow-up service as well. Besides:

  •    24/7 emergency services
  •    Courteous and highly trained staff
  •    No over-billing and hidden service charges
  •    Highly satisfied customers.
  •    Reaches you within the shortest period of time.

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